Tripp Lite IS1800HG Isolation Transformer 1800W Medical Surge 120V 6 Outlet TAA GSA

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Manufacturer Description

Prevent Power Disruptions in Medical Environments - UL60601-1 Compliant

All isolation transforms must conform to the UL 60601-1 standard when used within patient care areas. Prevent power disruptions for all sensitive devices in patient care areas and other vulnerable environments with Tripp Lite’s IS1800HG Medical-Grade Isolation Transformer and Power Conditioner. Featuring an internal isolation transformer in an all-metal housing with Faraday Shielding, the IS1800HG completely isolates equipment from line noise that can cause incremental, but devastating, equipment damage. Its 1190-joule surge suppression rating protects equipment from strong surges and spikes caused by utility power disruptions and nearby equipment operating on the same circuit. With 100% isolation from the input AC line, the IS1800HG eliminates leakage and shock potential down to less than 100 microamps. The IS1800HG’s 10-ft. power cord allows for flexibility when installing, while the built-in circuit breaker prevents dangerous circuit overloads. An 1800-watt capacity allows the IS1800HG to be used with a variety of sensitive monitoring, diagnostic and computer equipment. The 6 widely spaced 5-20R-HG hospital-grade output receptacles accommodate standard 5-20P-HG industrial-grade input plugs, and a power switch offers convenient, one-touch control. For peace of mind, the IS1800HG comes with a two-year warranty, is TAA-compliant for GSA Schedule purchases, and uses a RoHS-compliant design.

IS1800HG Feature Focus
IS1800HG Feature Focus
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IS1800HG Hospital Grade Plug
IS1800HG Hospital Grade Plug
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Approved for Use in Patient Care Areas

UL 60601-1 compliance is required for isolation transformers within patient care areas in order to avoid hazardous conditions and provide an optimally safe environment for patients, staff and visitors. By isolating equipment from unpredictable and disruptive utility power, the IS1800HG eliminates the need for dedicated circuits or costly upgrades to a healthcare facility’s electrical system. The internal isolation transformer with Faraday Shielding provides 100% isolation from the AC power line for equipment plugged into the IS1800HG and reduces leakage to less than 100 microamps for full UL 60601-1 compliance. The IS1800HG is perfect for protecting sensitive medical equipment that can be affected by EMI/RFI line noise, utility switching transients, background spikes and other unpredictable power conditions.

High-Capacity with Robust Power Protection

The IS1800HG’s 1800-watt capacity can handle a variety of electronic medical devices, while features like an 1190-joule surge suppression rating, integrated circuit breaker and powerful line noise filtering ensure ultimate protection and safety in even the most hazardous conditions. With continuous transformer filtering and no wearable parts, the IS1800HG reduces surges in the worst power environments to harmless levels.

Convenient, User-Friendly Operation

A 10-foot cord allows for flexible installation, while six hospital-grade NEMA 5-20R-HG output receptacles let you plug standard equipment into the IS1800HG without any adapters or custom power cords. Operation is easy; simply plug the IS1800HG into a grounded three-prong utility outlet, plug your equipment into the IS1800HG and turn the power on with simple, one-touch lighted power switch.

2-Year Warranty and Environmentally Responsible Design

The IS1800HG is backed by a 2-year warranty and is compliant with UL 60601-1, TAA, and RoHS standards.

IS1800HG In Use
IS1800HG In Use
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IS1800HG Medical-Grade Isolation Transformer
  • Complete line isolation, noise filtering and surge suppression for sensitive medical equipment
  • Full UL 60601-1 compliance permits use within designated patient-care areas
  • Faraday Shield offers 100% isolation from the input AC line
  • 1800-watt continuous capacity with 6 hospital-grade NEMA 5-20R-HG output receptacles
  • 1190-joule surge suppression rating
  • 10-ft. power cord with hospital-grade input plug allows for installation flexibility
  • Circuit breaker provides overload protection

Product Features

Complete line isolation, noise filtering and surge suppression; ideal for sensitive equipment 1800 watts, 6 5-15R-HG hospital outlets, 10-ft. power cord with NEMA 5-15P-HG plug Internal low-impedance isolation transformer with Faraday shield offers 100% isolation from the input AC line Leakage less than 100 microamps. Total harmonic distortion-Less than 1% 2 year warranty