Mightytools's Soldering Iron Kit, Updated Soldering Gun Kit Best for Electric, Jewellery & Welding Work – Digital Multimeter, Screwdiver, Soldering Iron Holder (14pcs Set) Best Gift (14)

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Manufacturer Description

Why Choose Us?

What's included

The featured accessories are fully upgraded after testing for their user-requirements including:
1 Soldering Iron
1 Multi-bit Screwdriver with 8 heads
1 Multimeter for measuring DC & AC voltage, DC & Etc.
5 Soldering Iron Tips
1 De-soldering Pump
1 Tin Wire Tube
1 Soldering Station
1 Tweezer
1 Wire Stripper
1 Wire Cutter
2pcs Electronic Wire.
1 Knife
1 Large Screwdiver
1 Rosin Flux
1 PVC Tape

Totally Inclined towards Safety

The kit contains a Soldering iron station instead of thin Iron tablets. The soldering iron is formed from specialized high-temperature resistant materials making it defiant to melting. Heat-insulated and anti-scalding silicone handle for the soldering iron ensure your safety during usage.

Compact Kit: Easy to carry

The kit is packed in a PU leather carry bag which is very light to carry outdoors and convenient to store small tools. You can easily carry it anywhere for repairs or DIY tasks.The fancy bright color of the carry bag also makes it easy to spot/locate.

Broad Utilisation

The professional soldering iron toolkit is useful for both, official projects and DIY tasks such as electronic work, computer machinery, first-time crafts, gift-making, jewelry making, home repairs, UAV repairs, fixing guitars, watches, wiring, mobile devices, and much more.

Product Features

Safety Ensured Soldering Holder/Station - Standard dual spring soldering iron holder with a sponge that gives you a perfect hold on the soldering iron. It is easy to assemble and disassemble, holding the iron perfectly. It qualifies as a risk-free soldering holder/station because it features a safe and steady base when compared with other holders. It, therefore, eliminates the chances of unnecessary burns/injuries. It has a sponge that helps you clean the solder from the tip of the iron Hassle Free Multimeter - This tool features a Digital Multimeter for measuring DC & AC voltage, DC & AC current, resistance, diode and continuity test. The notable part is that it stars a large LCD display for accurate and hassle-free data. Eight-In-One Precision Pocket Screwdriver - A rugged aluminum pen-style dwelling a pocket clip and knurled finger grip. To seize the screws from scattering around, it houses an eight-in-one quick-change magnetic bits holder. The package is compact and assorted, making it easy to carry and use everywhere. It can be adapted for use in different areas when used with its complete specification. Ideal for most digital products, various types of computer devices, mobile phones, cameras etc. Efficient Heat Dissipating Soldering Iron - The 60W soldering iron accelerates the heating process with inner-heated ceramic technology. The heat-resistant substance establishes that the soldering tip does not melt or fall off. The soldering iron has different levels of heat settings so that you can make adjustments to the melting temperatures as required. Four ventilation holes on tips are featured for quick heat dissipation than any other similar product. Stylish Carry Pouch - All accessories provided in the kit carefully cater to your everyday repair needs and comes in an attractive pouch with compartments and holders to house the tools. This fashionable pouch can be carried around for classroom electronic work, home and office repair work, factory repairs, circuit design, jewelry designs, woods, crafts, DIY, Auto repair, guitar, watch, computer hardware, telephone repair and more.