HYYKJ Signal Generator TAG-101D 5V 600? Digital Function Signal Generator Full Set 6 Phases 0.2Hz~2MHz 60dB Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator Frequency Meter

Price: $75.00
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Manufacturer Description

Electric appliance nature:

1) Sine wave nature

Output voltage: 5V

Distortion ratio: 

<0.1% 400Hz-200KHz

<0.5% 50Hz-500KHz

Evenness output: ±1.5 decibels (about equal to 1KHz)

2) Square wave nature

Output voltage: > 10V (highest point)

Rising time: <0.25 microseconds (within 200KHz)

Empty occupied ratio: 50%±5% (from 1KHz to 200KHz

3) The nature of output pole

Output impedance: 600?±10%

Attenuator: -20dB,-40dB and in 60dB series

4) Power wastage

Input voltage: Alternating current 110V or 220V for choice

Power wastage: about 10W

5) Fittings

Power supply wire: 1 piece

Testing nip: 1 piece

User manual: 1 book

6) The unit of the frequency (Hz and KHz)

7) Package

Package size: 38cm x 29cm x 18cm (15'' x 11.4'' x 7.1'')

Package weight: 3.425kg / 7.6lbs

Front panel:

1.Power switch

Press the button is on and off at the opposite of operation

2.Frequency display

Display input frequency

3.Output voltage balance adjustment

The button may be adjusted with continuity

4.Circumrotate button

Choose the frequency what you need

5.Frequency accurate adjusted

Using for applying the more accurate frequency


20decibel,40 decibel and 60 decibel in series for chose

7.Output ending

Output the setting message from it

8.Frequency range setting

May preset 6 phases

X1 shift: 0.2Hz-20Hz

X10 shift: 2Hz-200Hz

X100 shift: 20Hz-2KHz

X1K shift: 200Hz-20KHz

X10K shift: 2KHz-200KHz

X100K shift: 20KHz-2MHz

9.Output wave for choice

The machine will display the sine wave if press to

The machine will display the square wave if press to

Product Features

?STEADY VOLTAGE?The machine offer ±24V for power supply for choosing alternating current 110V or 220V. because of adapting steady voltage, it can offer steady output within setting range in spite of alternating current unsteady. Adapt Smith Special integer circuit on square wave integer appliance and high speed rising and descending square wave will be produced. ?6 PHASES FREQUENCY RANGE?X1 shift: 0.2Hz-20Hz; X10 shift: 2Hz-200Hz; X100 shift: 20Hz-2KHz; X1K shift: 200Hz-20KHz; X10K shift: 2KHz-200KHz; X100K shift: 20KHz-2MHz. Attenuator: 20 decibel, 40 decibel and 60 decibel in series for chose. Output wave for choice: The machine will display the sine wave if press to; The machine will display the square wave if press to. ?MAIN FEATURES?Strongly steady electro-circuit; Digital display about frequency &operate conveniently; 6-phases from 0.2Hz-2MHz; Output for empty carry arrive at 5V, 600? carried will be higher than 2V(sine wave); Output voltage balance may be adjusted by 2 groups of attenuator every 20dB and 40dB, total 60dB or potentiometer in continuity; Sine wave of square wave may be chosen to output. ?PROFESSIONAL SIGNAL GENERATOR?Output pole is push-pull direct current amplifier and can offer low impedance output circuit within DC-1KHz. The output message will be regulated by te buffer of the machine at first and regulated attenuator has 0-60dB setting range on the 60? impedance. Output voltage balance may be adjusted by 2 absolute attenuator every 20dB and 40dB or in 60dB series on 600?loads. ?AMORTIZED AMPLIFIER?Amortized amplifier is a wo phase direct current amplifier, offer the output pole about low impedance. Because of using non-linearity hearing resistance on minus direction for turning wheel, our machine can do the sine wave shape steadily in no time with the lowest distortion.