Double Channel DDS Function Arbitrary Waveform Signal Generator AC100-240V FY6800(US 60MHz)

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Manufacturer Description

2.4inch TFT?320x240?color LCD. Operation instruction please check chapter"User Interface".
2Menu Buttons
Menu buttons are matched with Menu displayed on the LCD. Press corresponding button to activate sub -menu represented.
3Function Buttons Area
Waveform selection button:
-You can switch between sine, square wave, t-riangle wave, and any type of arbitrary wave.
-Change the selected channel signal type.
Press Arrow buttons to select figure which you want to edit when setting values of each parameter.
5ADJ Knob
When using the knob to set parameters, you can increase (clockwise) or decrease (counterclockwise) the value at the current cursor.
6Power Button
The power indicator will remain on when it is turned on.
When the signal generator is turned off, the indicator light will enter the breathing lamp state and CH1 and CH2 will stop outputting (the output will remain at 0 volts).
7CH1 channel output connector
BNC connector, nominal output impedance 50?.
When channel CH1 is on (the CH1 button indicator lights up), the connector outputs the waveform in the current configuration of CH1.
8Channel control,OK button
It is used to control the output of the CH1 channel and can be switched to the CH1 parameter setting interface in any interface.
-Press this button, the CH1 light will turn on, and the CH1 output will turn on. At this point, the (CH1) connector outputs the signal in the current configuration.
- Press this button again, the indicator light goes off, and at this point, the CH1 output is turned off.

Package list:
1 x FY6800 signal generator
1 x USB communication cable
1 x BNC test cable
1 x Q9 clip cable
1 x Power cable

Product Features

?It is adopt the Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology and provide stable, precise, pure and low distortion signals. Desktop design with ABS plastic housing, AC 100 - 240V (AC) wide voltage supply; 2.4 inch TFT Color LCD with 320x240 resolution, displaying parameters and graphics of the two channels at the same time ?The instrument uses 14-bit high-rate D/A converter chip, 250MSa/s sample rate, 14bits vertical resolution. Fully independent dual-channel output, able to work synchronously, and the phase difference can be accurately adjusted; Equipped with channel tracking function, when the tracking function is turned on, all parameters of both channels can be updated according to the user's configuration at the same time ?High frequency Accuracy: Frequency accuracy can reach 10-6 orders of magnitude; The frequency resolution is relatively high: the full-range frequency resolution is 1uHz; Amplitude resolution is higher: Amplitude resolution can be as low as 1mV; With -10V~+10V DC bias function, resolution up to 1mV; The duty cycle of both channels can be adjusted independently, with an accuracy of 0.01%; The phase adjustment range of the two channels is 0~359.99°, and the adjustment accuracy is 0.01° ?Function: Support VCO voltage control signal output functionor. Various modulation types: AM, FM, PM, ASK, FSK and PSK modulations. 100M Frequency meter function: It can measure frequency, period, pulse width and duty cycle.Counter Function: It has 2 coupling measure modes including DC coupling and AC coupling. It has two scanning modes: linear scan and logarithmic scan. Burst Output Function: There has Manual Trigger, internal CH2 Trigger, and External Trigger for your options ?High reliability: Large-scale integrated circuit, surface mount technology, high reliability, long service life; Output short-circuit protection: All signal outputs can work under load short-circuit conditions 60S or more; Can choose our FYA2000S series or FPA1000 series power amplifier to output 20W~100Wsignal in DC-10MHz width without any distortion